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Thursday, April 03, 2003


Monitor Coffee Spit-take
Today's Bleat by James Lileks just about made me spit my coffee out, particularly this line: [H]ow do you know a Ba'athist is lying? His mustache is moving. And we curse it! Also laughable was

Across the street is a gigantic assembly building of some kind, perhaps the National House of Enthusiastic Rubber Stamping. It's untouched. I'd wager a five-spot that they left it for whatever legislative body comes next. There's no sign of bombing anywhere else, except for a small building down at the bottom of the picture; perhaps that was the Ministry of Minor Perfidy, or the State Bureau for Interrogative Dentistry.

The man has a genuine talent for placing words that, while highly unfunny in other contexts, are somehow hilarious when properly affixed to the (virtual) page.

posted by ZaMoose at 4/03/2003 04:40:00 PM