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The personal rantings of an avowed Conservative, Linux-loving Christian .



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Friday, March 21, 2003


Shock n' Awe Overload
Sick and tired of the already trite phrase "shock and awe"? This thread over on Fark has some suggestions.

Among the best suggestions are:

  • Old and Busted, New Hotness campaign

  • Shizzle and awizzle

  • Bomb, Rinse, Repeat

  • "Assisted Urban Renewal"

  • Shock and awwwwww Allah why you not stop these bombs?

  • ArabDisney: Phase One

  • The "Jumpin' Allah on pogo stick!" phase

  • Operation Strategery

  • Operation Cut Off My Favorite Late Night Shows With Too Much News Coverage

  • The "I wasn't bluffing" phase

  • The Spielberg and Bruckheimer phase

  • Sheik and bake

And, best of all

  • Jacques AND Aauugh!

posted by ZaMoose at 3/21/2003 05:41:00 PM